About us

Carneval UK was established with a clear mission - to help people flourish by developing strengths and skills.

We offer a range of services in a diverse range of markets. We deliberately seek out opportunities to enable people to flourish across many disciplines, organisations and cultures. Having identified those opportunities we draw on principles in Positive Psychology which focuses on ultimate human performance and flourishing to help people become the best they can be. We draw on innate, often unrealised, strengths, building on natural talent and ability to build performance and enjoyment. While we work to ensure weaknesses are managed and do not hinder performance, we believe most progress is made when people build on strengths. We also build skills, to enable talents and strengths to be put into practice.

Successful people love what they do, and because they love what they do, they have fun while they are doing it. We promote enjoyment and encourage passion. We know from research that enjoyment is a significant factor in performance, whether it is in a business context or in the context of a hobby or activity. We also love what we do. We love seeing people flourish, realising their strengths and learning new skills. That is what encourages us to flourish.

Under the Carneval banner, we offer a range of service which can be explored in more detail. If you would like more details about us, get in contact, we'd love to chat to you.